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FDS ELITE is a pre-professional competitive program for dancers who will be in the 1st - 12th grades for the 2022-2023 dance year.

Through participation, dancers will intensify their training to result in a higher level of technique, performance, and artistry; providing the education and experience needed to continue dance in higher education or a professional career.

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Philosophy and Expectations

  • The FDS ELITE Competition Team requires hard work, dedication, teamwork, and much more to build a successful group. 

  • This program is designed for our most experienced and advanced dancers ages 6+.​

  • Placement by audition only. 

  • It is a specific program based on ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop technique.

  • This is the most prestigious placement and has its own set of prerequisites, requirements, and opportunities.

FDS ELITE teams are divided this year into three levels and two styles, each receiving instruction in contemporary and hip hop.


  • Level I: Ages 6-7

  • Level II: Ages 8-9

  • Level III: Ages 10-12

  • Level IV: Ages 13 and up

In each level, a minimum of 8 dancers is required to create an FDS ELITE Competition Team. 

FDS ELITE Competition Team Parent Meeting

Saturday, May 7th, 2022 at 12:30pm

An informational parent meeting for the competition team will be held at the studio. Any family with a student who is interested in joining the competition team should plan on attending this meeting.


  • We will discuss the policies and fees associated with the competition team.

  • We will also attempt to answer any and all questions that you have in regards to the competitive team and season.

  • Attending this meeting does not mean you are required to sign up for the competition team, rather it serves as an informational session to help determine if the competition team is the right fit for your student and family.

  • RSVP’s are not required but are welcomed.

FDS ELITE Competition Team 2nd Auditions

Friday,  July 29th, 2022

Fantasy Dance Studio announces its 2022-2023 competition season auditions.

Auditions will be held at the studio. Please review the information below to determine the appropriate arrival and departure time for your student.

  • Students are expected to show up in proper class attire ready to work!

  • Registration for the audition is available online through your studio account.

  • The cost for auditions is $30 per dancer, per team.

FDS ELITE Competition Team Auditions

Audition times are listed below for each team.

  • Please ensure your dancers arrive prepared and on time.

  • Students who are auditioning for multiple teams will only have to attend the warmup time before their first audition.

  • Please be sure your dancers have registered for the audition ahead of time by accessing your online studio account.

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