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Ms. Sarah Monreal

Director of FDS Programs, Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Sarah Monreal's dance journey began gracefully at the tender age of 4, where she embarked on her artistic voyage at Jazzy D Dance Studio in Fresno, California. Immersed in the world of movement, she delved into hip-hop, tap, and production/musical theater dance classes, adorned with the joy of competing in dance competitions with her studio.

In 2017, she proudly walked across the stage of Santa Clara University, adorned with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree, majoring in Psychology and Ethnic Studies, with a minor in Dance. Throughout her university years, she immersed herself in the beauty of modern dance, tap, jazz, and hip-hop, alongside a myriad of other enriching courses, gracing the stage with her performances for the department. As a distinguished member of SCU Hipnotik, Santa Clara University's esteemed hip-hop dance team, she not only showcased her talent but also led with grace as the team's captain during her final year. Among her cherished memories stands the privilege of performing at the Super Bowl L Halftime Show alongside Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé.

In her senior year, Ms. Sarah embarked on a noble journey as a behavioral therapist, guiding and nurturing students with one-on-one sessions rooted in the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). Evolving from an ABA technician to a revered RBT (registered behavior technician) and BCAT (Board Certified Autism Technician), she ascended to the esteemed role of Assistant Supervisor, collaborating closely with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). Her heart swelled with joy as she walked alongside families, understanding their unique aspirations and empowering them to progress towards their goals. Now, she eagerly brings this wealth of experience to Fantasy Dance School, where she envisions guiding students to flourish and thrive in their artistic journey.

Since 2018, Ms. Sarah has graced Fantasy Dance School as an esteemed dance instructor and choreographer, infusing her classes with boundless creativity and unwavering dedication. She radiates with excitement as she embarks on this continued journey, eager to nurture and inspire the next generation of dancers with her profound love for movement and artistry.

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