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FDS is excited to offer our students, ages 3-15 the opportunity to immerse themselves not only in dance and gymnastics but in the visual arts as well. The art class, taught by our beloved and very own Professional Artist Ms. Irina Lib, and our Professional Teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience Ms. Sorina Prisacaru will focus on unlocking each child's imagination and helping them develop their personal style. 

They will work in different mediums, learn about famous artists, and create their own masterpieces that will always reflect their unique point of view. 

Ms. Irina Lib is the artist behind Picture In A Dream ( Her work has been spotlighted in several art blogs, and in special features on sites such as Etsy. She has extensive teaching experience, particularly specializing in young students.

Ms. Sorina Prisacaru received the title of “The Teacher of the Year” at “George Calinescu”, the Republic of Moldova in 2012. 

*Note: A yearly materials fee of $35 per student will be applied upon registration. Temporarily not applicable on Stage 2. 


For art classes, there is no charge for art supplies at this time. Be advised that students will be required to bring there are own necessary art supplies.  Please bring your art supplies in a small, Ziploc bag with the name on it. The following supplies needed are:

Art Class Materials Needed: 

  • Number 2 pencils

  • Eraser

  • Sharpener 

  • Colored pencils (set of at least 6 colors)

  • Watercolor paint (set of at least 6 colors)

  • Black Liners (fine tip sharpies, sakura...) size 0.5 or less

  • Brushes (most recommended: cotman

  • Sketchbook (size 9"x12")

If there are any issues in getting these supplies, please reach out to our office via phone or email.

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