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Ms. Jenny Jacobs

Director of Marketing, Customer Care, Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Jenny Jacobs' illustrious dance journey commenced at the tender age of 2 in the vibrant city of Milpitas, California. She was nurtured by the esteemed Jensen's School for the Performing Arts, where she embarked on a rigorous training program that encompassed a diverse range of dance styles, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Lyrical, and Acrobatics.

Immersed in the dynamic environment of Jensen's, Ms. Jenny thrived, eventually assuming the role of captain within the school's competitive dance team during her senior year. It was during this time that her latent passion for teaching began to emerge, as she eagerly embraced the opportunity to assist the teachers in guiding dancers.

Following the path of her artistic journey, Ms. Jenny pursued higher education at California State University, Chico, where she delved into the realms of Recreation, Hospitality, and Events Management. Despite the demands of academia, she remained deeply connected to her passion for dance, joining the esteemed ranks of the Chico State Dance Team and assuming pivotal leadership roles within the university's Choreography Collective Club.

Ms. Jenny's unwavering dedication to her craft propelled her to become a valued member of a competitive dance company, further enriching her repertoire and honing her skills. Summers found her gracing the stage as a full-time performer at California's Great America in Santa Clara, where she captivated audiences with her artistry and finesse.

Upon graduating in 2018, Ms. Jenny embarked on a journey of sharing her expertise with aspiring dancers, teaching at various regional studios. In 2021, fate intervened, guiding her to the doorstep of Fantasy Dance School, where she found a new home for her boundless passion and talent.

As she steps into her role within the Fantasy Dance family, Ms. Jenny is brimming with excitement. She is eager to ignite the same fervor for dance within her students that has fueled her remarkable journey. With her wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm, she is poised to inspire the next generation of dancers to reach for the stars.

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