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Mr. Savely Kolodii

Gymnastics Instructor

Gymnastics has always been a massive part of Coach Savely's life for more than ten years, while coaching for more than half of these years. On top of his experience and involvement in Gymnastics, Coach Savely has been practicing, competing, and coaching in the martial art form of Judo for the past 15 years.

Coach Savely grew up traveling between Ukraine and the United States, practicing and competing in both Gymnastics and Judo. At seven years old, he began practicing Judo professionally. At 14 years old, he competed in the Ukrainian Nationals and finished the competition, winning a Silver Medal. At the same time this prestigious medal was earned, Coach Savely was also awarded the title of Candidate to Master of Sport of Ukraine, given by the chairmen of Regional State Administrations. Coach Savely continued collecting medals and awards while also participating and competing in multiple international Judo meets in countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the United States. While he still practices Judo today, Coach Savely's interests have shifted more towards coaching so that he can share the essential values and lessons he has learned through Judo with students who are motivated and excited to learn new challenges with enthusiasm.

Through Judo, Coach Savely has excelled and maintained the valuable principle of balance and discipline in which; on top of his many Judo and Gymnastics accomplishments, he has also managed to find the time and commitment to have learned and speak four languages on top of currently studying to become an engineer. He is excited to begin to build and grow our Judo program here at Fantasy Dance School to be able to offer even more skills and resources to our wonderful students. 

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