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Thank you!

Tuesday, June 15th, marked the day California reopened after a year full of strife.

Our studio has been through a lot this year as well. It has overcome its share of challenges and faced a tragedy few have thought possible. Yet we have persevered. We have taught safely-distanced in-person classes throughout the academic year where it would have been so much easier to stay fully in zoom. We built an outdoor stage and danced our hearts out in the cold and in the wind because we knew dance is not only about physical health but about mental well-being as well. We held an outdoor concert the moment we could because dancing for others brings joy. We are holding another one on Saturday, June 19th, 2021, at 10:30am. And this time we will be able to see our students' smiles shine from the farthest row.

We are so happy and grateful that you chose to walk this road with us hand in hand, that you supported us and believed in us as we believed in you!

You are our rainbow after the storm, our joy after great sorrow!

You are our extended family and we can't wait to see you, grow and make new memories with you and all OUR kids together!

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