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Over 18 Years of Award-Winning Instruction!

FDS believes that you and your children deserve the best instruction available, whether you are taking classes for fun and exercise or with a future career in mind.

FDS is moving to Stage 2. The 2020-2021 Program will now be offered in three options: In-Person, Virtual - Zoom only, and Hybrid Format (blending in-person with limits and virtual - zoom) classes:

In-Person Option: In-person classes will run at a limited capacity at no more than 8-10 dancers per studio and accepted on a first come - first serve enrollment.  In-person dancers are free to opt into virtual-only classes at any point in the season as your safety is our top priority. 


Virtual - Zoom only Option: Cameras will be set up in the studio and gym for a virtual-only option. Virtual dancers may be able to opt to in-person at varying points in the season, depending on current class capacity.

Hybrid format blending in-person with limits and virtual - Zoom Option: In-person classes will run at a limited capacity at no more than 8-10 dancers per studio. If a class exceeds 10 dancers, the class will be divided into two groups where each group is set on a tri-weekly schedule, alternating in-person and virtual. In-person dancers are free to opt into virtual-only classes at any point in the season as your safety is our top priority. 


Fantasy Dance studio will be following all safety protocols and guidelines given by the Santa Clara County and CDC. Please email us at for questions or help to find the best option for you. Our priority is the health and safety of our dancers, their families, and our staff!

FDS is proud to offer a diversity of Dance Classes, Recreational, Competitive Dance Classes, and Fantasy Dance Troupe...FDT

including Character, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary.

All students will participate in our annual performances.

FDS's Gymnastics programs implement a safe, fun, and challenging experience for gymnasts of all ages and abilities. Offering Gymnastics Classes, and TNT Program for everyone, our classes are coached by USAG safety-certified professionals.

Art Classes

Chess Classes


At our after-school program, your children have the opportunity for versatility as well as for learning and growing in all aspects of mental, physical, and educational development. Having a multitude of lessons in one location is convenient for our parents and our students. This allows travel time to be minimized and creates a family-like environment for children to socialize, and grow with one another.

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Why Choose Us?

With more than 18 years of experience, Fantasy Dance Studio delivers well-rounded education for young movers ages 3 and up. 


*We offer a variety of programs suited to your family's needs:

  • Our focus on children

  • The only educational center that offers a variety of dance styles, gymnastics, TNT program, art, entertaining math, chess, choir and more in one place

  • Our Annual Program runs parallel to the school year and concludes in a professional showcase

  • Recitals, competitions, and community performances year-round


*Over the summer and during holiday breaks, there are countless options for your dancer:

  • Week-long Camps

  • Workshops and Intensives for the young advanced dancer

  • Drop-in Guest Faculty Classes


Thank you for choosing Fantasy Dance Studio!

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*FDS's 2020-2021 School Year Begin!

FDS's 2020-2021 School Year: September 15th, 2020 – June 30th, 2021


We are moving into Stage 2.  During stage 2, programs will be delivered in a hybrid format blending in-person with limits in dance classrooms and online classes through ZOOM following the Santa Clara County and CDC guidelines.



Thanksgiving Break

The studio will be closed! There will be no access to office or rehearsal rooms during this time. The studio will reopen on November 30th, 2020.


at 12:30pm

End of the year Outdoor Concert  

FDS 2020 end of the year Outdoor Concert “What Life Should Be” based on the poem by Pat A. Fleming Saturday, December 19th at 12:30pm. 

*Please note that this performance will be held outside this year.*


2500 Old Middlefield Way, Unit B,

Mountain View, CA 94043




2500 Old Middlefield Way, Unit B

Mountain View, CA 94043

650-965-4135 (phone)

650-965-4135 (fax)

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