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FDS Dance Program

Character Dance

From 6 years old

Character dance is the stylized representation of traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and music which have been adapted for the theater. Popular character dances include the national dances of Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Argentina, Spain, Romania, Italy, Russian, Greece, and more. Dances like Csardas, Mazurka, Tarantella, Flamenco, Barbuncul, Crihalma, Zorba, and Sirtaki are all forms of traditional national character dance. ​ At FDS, Folk/Character dances are taught to students beginning with the basic skills of coordination and style of folk dances from around the world. As the student develops in his/her dance training, character dance becomes a perfect blend between technical skill and emotion portrayed in their dance performances. ​ FDS teachers are familiar with the history of the folk-dances that the character work was developed from and teach not only the ‘moves’ but also the meaning and intent behind the dances. ​ Character dances are usually performed in shoes or boots, with leather or suede sole and a small heel. Boys typically wear jazz-type shoes/sneakers and girls wear low heeled character shoes. ​ We highly encourage you to schedule your trial class and see for yourself the beauty and grace of character dance – in a fun and inviting atmosphere at FDS.

* Classes are subject to change or be canceled based on studio enrollment and teacher requirements. Enrolled participants of changed or canceled classes will be provided with alternative class options.


The class schedule is online for the 2023-2024 school year!

FDS School Year: August 16th, 2023 – June 29th, 2024!

Call to schedule your Trial Class Today! (650)965-4135

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