"Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion"




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Thank you for visiting our site! Fantasy Dance was founded in 2002 by ballet master and choreographer Alla Kegulskiy. We provide a variety of styles, ranging from Folk to Ballet, Ballroom to Modern, and let’s not forget about children’s Choreography as well. We are highly devoted to providing our knowledge and passion of this admired and always stylized pastime to those who embrace the desire to learn with grace and elegance. Our students learn the art form and how to channel their aptitude with confidence, individuality, and a style that can be uniquely expressed with charm, joy, and a blissful elegance that when seen by an audience would be nothing short of harmony that can be witnessed for all. Our purpose is not only to demonstrate basic rhythm and movement, but also to teach our students to glide with passion, welcome your inner spirit and use it to give magic back to the audience. 


We are always pleased to welcome new talents. If you are 3 years old and up we will see you on the dance floor!


Why Choose Us?

Things that differentiate us from other studios


  • We focus on children.

  • The only studio that offers a variety dance style program.

  • Low student to teacher ratio. Class size is limited to 8 children or 6 pairs per class.

  • Our teachers speak diversity of languages: English, Russian, Romanian, Italian …

  • Two large, spacious studios and large, comfortable lobby with viewing windows for the whole family.

  • We accept ALL forms of payment.

  • Convenient FREE parking and great location close to San Antonio and Rengstorff shopping center.

  • Recitals, competitions and community performances year - round.

  • Overnight Dance Camp, Picnics and Parties for our students and for their whole family.

  • Professionally trained staff.


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Fantasy Dance Overnight Dance Camp 2014
August 3 - 9, 2014





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