After-School Program

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year!

When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable after-school care can be difficult. Fantasy Dance Studio got you covered! 

At our after-school program, your children have the opportunity for versatility as well as for learning and growing in all aspects of mental, physical, and educational development. Having a multitude of lessons in one location is convenient for our parents and our students. This allows travel time to be minimized and creates a family-like environment for children to socialize, and grow with one another.

Our art classes offer students the opportunity to delve into the visual as well as performing arts. Students explore different styles and mediums with bountiful chances to be as creative as possible. Imagination is childhood's greatest gift, and here it is never stifled but fostered and aided by the introduction of proper technique at appropriate age levels.​

Kids love to sing. Whether they belt out popular songs in the car or hum classical melodies while daydreaming, our choir is the place for them. Singing in a group teaches kids to listen closely to others, helps those that might be too scared to sing on their own, and allows them to try different music genres surrounded by like-minded friends.

Chess is one of the most powerful tools for mastering logic, attention to detail, discipline and the ability to plan. In our classes, kids will be able to start at their own experience level and progress at their own pace in a friendly, collaborative environment. They will learn how to win humbly and to lose gracefully. It is all part of the game and a part of developing their incredible minds.

Living in the heart of the computer world, gaining a logic-based understanding of mathematics is of utmost importance. All programmers and engineers require a thorough knowledge of the logic of math. These classes will introduce these concepts, guide students in the development, and challenge them to be able to perform, understand, and apply the concepts on their own.