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FDS Dance Program

Technique Classes

For Boys and Girls

BTC ... Boys Technique Class

For 7 years old and up

The BTC classes focus on strengthening and conditioning young boys to develop the necessary technique to be able to shine on stage.

The boys will learn jumps, turns, and Character Dance and Hip-Hop tricks as well as skills needed for other styles of dance.

The class is for more serious dancers ages 7 and up. In this class, students will develop flexibility and strengthening their core, turnout muscles, legs, back, and upper body posture.

These classes are a requirement for dancers in the FDS Troupe to ensure that all students have a solid technique base before moving on to learn impressive, difficult dances.

GTC ... Girls Technique Class

For 7 years old and up

The FDS GTC classes are taught by dance professionals who recognize that tricks and gender-specific skills are imperative for great dancers. ​ The GTC classes focus on stretching and conditioning for young girls to be able to complete tricks of high levels of difficulty.

In this class, students will develop their understanding of their anatomy and dance alignment.

Emphasis will be placed on turns, leaps, and jumps as well as Character Dance, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop tricks.

SFC ... Stretch and Flexibility Class

For 7 years old and up

This class complements the training of the dance student by helping dancers get and stay in shape as well as avoid injuries. Students will focus on learning how to stretch correctly by releasing overall pressure, relaxing muscle tension, and calming the mind while defining specific muscles groups. The SFC class for adults focuses on core strength development through low-impact exercise, designed to tone up the body. It incorporates the use of the lightweights, stretching, and across-the-floor work. Classes are easy to follow and held in a comfortable, non-competitive environment.


The class schedule is online for the 2023-2024 school year!

FDS School Year: August 16th, 2023 – June 29th, 2024!

Call to schedule your Trial Class Today! (650)965-4135

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