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Thank you for voting for us!

  • Absences: Each dancer is only allowed to miss four Dance Troupe classes from Sept-June, no exceptions. The Artistic Director needs to receive notice of any absence at least two weeks before rehearsal; do not call the day of rehearsals.

  • Injuries/Severe Illness: If an injury or severe illness occurs and the dancer is forced to sit out (and watch) dance troupe classes, the choreographer has the right to omit them from current sections of the dance. Also, sitting out/watching dance troupe classes three times (nonconsecutively) will result in one marked absence (towards your allowed four absences). Doctor’s notes need to be given to the Artistic Director when injuries/severe illnesses occur. Private lessons may also need to be coordinated with the choreographer.

  • Performances: Fantasy Dance Troupe attends all performances during the dance year, including one trip either during Spring Break or in the summer. The Fantasy Dance Troupe (FDT) is required to participate in our local fairs and community events as well as two competitions throughout the year. Participation is highly encouraged by everyone in the Dance Troupe.

  • Dance Troupe Outfit: All troupe members are required to purchase an FDT T-shirt, Jacket, and warm-up pants with Fantasy Dance Studio emblem. 

  • FDT Costumes: Before a concert (during class/concert rehearsal) each student will be given a costume(s). When a costume is in your possession, it is entirely your responsibility. All pieces of the costume(s) are going to be listed on the tag. Upon return of the costume, all the pieces will be checked off according to the tag. If in any case, a costume piece is missing, ruined, or dirty to the point that it cannot be cleaned, the price of the costume value ($75 – $200) will be charged from the holder’s account. All costumes should be carried in the studio's Costume Bag.

  • FDT Conduct: FDT Groups are Fantasy Dance Studio’s appearance to the public. We will not tolerate any misbehavior in any class, rehearsal, or performance. Just as dancers who did not audition into troupe can be promoted into it during the year, troupe dancers can be moved out of troupe for any improper conduct.

  • Solos, Duos, Trios, Small Groups:  If the dancer would like to do any special dance such as a solo, duo, trio, or small group, he/she must be committed to private lessons every week until the dance is finished. They must also continue to rehearse privates a minimum of every other week. Solos, Duos, Trios, and Small Groups are all a big commitment and expense.