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Ms. Nicole Chatham

Director of ELITE Competitive Program, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Pre-K "Rising Stars" Teacher

Ms. Nicole was born in California but grew up in the Dallas, TX area, where she fell in love with the art of dance! She grew up training with the Dance Studio Network and danced competitively for over 7 years. During her summers, Ms. Nicole competed at numerous competitions and conventions and trained at several intensives consisting of American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Southwest Dallas, Moving Forward Dallas, and Laguna Dance Festival. Simultaneously, Ms. Nicole attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she graduated in 2017.

Ms. Nicole received extensive training from dance professionals within the DFW Metroplex and beyond and has taken an abundance of master classes from professional dance companies through Booker T.’s connection with TITAS. She performed in Dallas Dance Fest, Dance Planet, Booker T’s Repertory Workshop, Booker T’s Fall and Spring Dance Concerts, Booker T’s Senior Choreography Dance Showcase, and the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Booker T at the Winspear Opera House. At Booker T., she performed on Repertory Dance Ensemble ll and Repertory Dance Ensemble l.

Ms. Nicole received substantial performance and competitive opportunities throughout high school and began developing her teaching skills. She worked as a dance assistant, substitute, summer camp instructor, and choreographer for competitive dancers and drill team officers. Ms. Nicole can even be spotted as a background dancer in an episode of Nickelodeon’s The Dude Perfect Show! After high school, Ms. Nicole attended Southern Methodist University as a Dance Major for two years, where she performed with SMU in the Fall and Spring Hope Show Dance Concerts and the student-led Brown Bag Dance Series each year. She also choreographed her own work for Brown Bag in 2018. In 2019 Ms. Nicole performed with SMU Meadows at the Winspear Opera House. In the fall of 2019, Ms. Nicole became increasingly involved with The Dance Studio Network and began to teach consistently throughout the year at three studio locations. Ms. Nicole continues to pursue her dance education by taking master classes and staying connected within the dance industry. She plans to complete her BFA in Dance in the next few years.

Ms. Nicole has a huge heart not only for dance but for instructing and inspiring young artists to discover their own dreams and passions! Ms. Nicole is incredibly excited to be a part of Fantasy Dance School and is devoted to providing students with her 100% commitment and creativity every week!

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