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Ms. Ana Makovskaia

Gymnastics Instructor

Ms. Anastasiia (Ana) Makovskaia

Ms. Ana's captivating journey commenced amidst the cultural richness of Saint Petersburg, Russia, where the rhythm of dance first stirred her soul. From the elegant sway of ballroom to the high-energy bursts of aerobics and the expressive freedom of modern dance, every movement became a symphony of joy for her. However, life took a seismic shift when her family relocated to California when she was just 13.

Adapting to the kaleidoscopic tapestry of California's lifestyle was initially daunting for Ms. Ana. Yet, amidst the swirl of change, she discovered a new passion: gymnastics. Immersing herself in this dynamic sport, she found fulfillment in guiding younger athletes, assisting coaches, and orchestrating exhilarating classes and summer camps.

As the sands of time led her towards the threshold of adulthood, Ms. Ana recognized the importance of balancing her athletic pursuits with academic endeavors. Thus, she embarked on a journey in Graphic Design at San Jose State University, where she continues to sculpt her creative vision.

Despite the rigors of university life, Ms. Ana's heart remains intertwined with the world of youth development. Whether it's through nurturing young minds as a babysitter, illuminating the path of knowledge as a tutor, or igniting creativity through craftwork during breaks, she remains steadfast in her commitment to empowering the next generation.

With the curtain drawing close on her collegiate chapter, Ms. Ana stands at the precipice of a new beginning, brimming with anticipation to reignite her passion for gymnastics. Armed with knowledge, enthusiasm, and a boundless love for her craft, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to inspire and mentor a fresh cohort of students, ushering them into the magical realm of gymnastics.

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