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Annual Concert 2024

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Annual Concert 2024


Thursday, June 13th, 2024 

First Show - Curtain up at 5:30 pm
Second Show - Curtain up at 7:30 pm

at Albert & Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall

Mandatory Rehearsals start May 28th - June 11th
FDS in-studio (@FDS) Dress Rehearsal 
on Saturday, June 8th, 2023
Stage Dress Rehearsal (@JCC Palo Alto)  
on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

FDS is excited to announce our annual end-of-school-year concert, "THE MAGICAL POWER OF DANCE."

Please mark your calendars now because you don't want to miss what we have in store! It is a special and unique story told by our dancers of all styles; it is sure to be a pretty memorable night of performances. 

Every FDS concert is unique and one-of-a-kind, and this year is no exception! 

Originally scheduled as a single event, our annual performance, "THE MAGICAL POWER OF DANCE.", will now be split into two separate shows, both on Thursday, June 13th. After careful consideration and consultation with our performers and venue staff, we have determined that dividing the concert into two will allow for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for both the performers and the audience. By creating two separate events, we can ensure that each show is of the highest quality and allows for a more focused and immersive musical experience. As our school grows, we want to ensure that each and every student gets to sparkle on stage, and this will allow us to do so without making one longer, extended, or rushed concert. 


We believe that this decision will ultimately benefit everyone involved and create a more intimate and engaging atmosphere for all attendees. Our first show will be at 5:30pm, with our second show at 7:30pm. Each concert will have different dances to properly showcase the hard work of each class, and families will be notified by May 1st which dances are in each show in order to buy tickets. 


The Annual Concert is a commitment. This includes a commitment to be in classes weekly to learn, clean, and practice dances with their classmates and at ALL scheduled performances/rehearsals, including non-dress rehearsals occurring throughout the three weeks before the concert.

Rehearsal Schedules

There are MANDATORY rehearsals that students are required to attend. This includes:

  • In-studio (@FDS) Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, June 8th, 2024

  • Stage and Dress Rehearsal (@JCC Palo Alto) on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

  • Non-dress rehearsals occur throughout the two-three weeks before the concert and are mandatory

While specific rehearsal times will be released closer to the concert, we ask families to block off the three weeks before as rehearsal days and times will differ from your original class time.


Classes may be called on different days or times, depending on the number of dances and solos and where they fall in the various scenes.


Please remember that if you participated in our previous year’s concerts, rehearsals might vary in length and times, which will include more dances, sets, and an unforgettable story coming to life.


Rehearsals will occur daily after school and may differ from your usual class times.


Any class or rehearsal absences during May and June may result in your student not performing in the show. Please be mindful when planning vacations at this time. Take this into consideration before committing to the annual show.

Concert Ticket Distribution

Each family can purchase tickets to the show. Tickets will be available in the FDS office starting May 1, 2024. Admission: $35 and $45 at the door. Tickets are first come, first served!

Costume Distribution

Costumes will first be tried during your student's classes to see if adjustments or alterations are needed. Once all alterations are completed on our end, costumes will be distributed to families.


The Costume distribution week is Monday, April 22nd, through Saturday, April 27th, 2024. 

All dancers will need their costumes on Sunday, April 28th - Picture Day!


All families will receive an email about what day and time slot is designated for them to pick up their student's costumes (most likely the day of their class). Please be sure to come to your designated day and time with a labeled garment bag to pick up your costumes. 


Garment bags are available for purchase through our FDStore if needed. 


*Once costumes are given to the families, please DO NOT wash costumes before the concert. Steaming of costumes is all that is allowed before the concert.

Directions to Oshman Family JCC:

Drop-off/Pick-Up Location:



All FDS correspondence regarding the show and costumes is sent via email. Be sure to add to your email address book. And be sure to have your current email address on file with the studio.

Rehearsal Schedule and Performance Handbook

Stay tuned for Rehearsal Schedule and Performance Handbook...

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