Annual Performance June 19th, 2021.jpeg

FDS 2021 Outside Performance
"We are the Rainbow after the Storm"
Saturday, June 19, 2021
at 10:30am.

It is with great joy that we officially announce our upcoming outside concert.  While this past year has brought many obstacles and challenges for our studio, students, and families, we cannot help but feel hopeful for what's to come with our growing FDS family. Whether it is watching our students continue to grow in their dancing to seeing our studio evolve throughout our construction process, we know wonderful things are to come in our time together moving forward. 


This end of the year concert will be held outside at our new facility at 2500 Old Middlefield Way. Like any other Fantasy Dance Studio production, we will be putting on a "one of a kind" and unique show but renting and building a stage for our students to perform outside, maintaining a safe distance apart. We have greatly appreciated all the support and patience our families have shown as we navigate this unique year, but are thrilled to showcase our students' hard work. 

​In-Person Dancers - What to Expect:

  • On the day of the performance, all dancers will be required to have their temperature taken before exiting their vehicles and answer the standard questions asked before coming into class.

  • On the day of the performance, masks will be required to be worn by any student 6 years of age or older at all times. Please note that uniform masks or face shields may potentially be required during their dance on stage, but more information will be released when confirmed. 

  • Dancers must stay with their class at all times as well as maintain 6 feet apart as marked on the ground. This will also be practiced during the weeks of rehearsals. Dancers will be prohibited from mingling with other classes at this time to maintain stable groups. 

Virtual Dancers - What to Expect:

  • If any dancers who have been participating in classes over zoom want to participate in person for the concert, dancers MUST attend the two weeks of rehearsal before the concert in person. 

  • For dancers that wish to participate virtually, please note that we will be doing test runs and our absolute best with given circumstances to provide the best quality for students to perform virtually. At this time, we may have a tv screen placed somewhere on stage that the student will be displayed on. Students will connect through zoom like with their classes to perform in real-time with their classmates.

  • Costumes will either be sent or delivered to the student, and they will be required to have stage makeup and hair ready for their performance. 

  • Dancers may choose a space in or outside of their house to perform. If you and your family are having difficulty in finding a space, please reach out to us to discuss it individually. 

Attendance Members - What to Expect:

  • All audience members will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and standard COVID-19 questions asked before taking their seats.

  • All audience members (2 years and older) will be required to wear a mask for the performance's entirety. 

  • Families will purchase tickets per household and sit with a family that lives within their own household. For example, if you have 4 family members from the same household attending, 4 tickets will be purchased. 4 chairs in one group will be set up for your family and will be at least 6 feet away from the next household. 

  • Tickets will not be handed out in paper form this year. Tickets will be available for reservation starting May 1st, 2021

Please note that this performance will be our way of showing appreciation and love for all of our students and families that have been with us throughout this time. We will be closely monitoring (and potentially making adjustments) based on the recommendations by the County of Santa Clara and the state of California. We appreciate everyone's cooperation and really can't wait to see our students shine on stage, even if it looks slightly different this year!