FDS 2020 Annual Concert 

“What Life Should Be” based on the poem by Pat A. Fleming”

Presented at Fantasy Dance Studio

With the evolving situation of the Coronavirus, FDS has decided to take proactive measures to help keep families healthy throughout the community, as the health and safety of our students and families are our priority. Being the dance family we are, we know that the show must go on, and we want to show off every single one of our dances that we have been working so hard on since this past November! Fantasy Dance Studio would love to announce our very first virtual dance concert. 


What You Can Expect

  • Virtual Concert: FDS has been preparing to deliver the same, unforgettable dance concert experience as tradition while still complying with every Santa Clara County measure and ordinance. This year, every class will perform the dance that they have been preparing since this past November on a stage constructed at Fantasy Dance Studio. A professional-level video will be shot and edited so that each family can watch the hard work of their children!

  • Schedule: Only one class at a time will meet in the studio in order to maintain physical distance. Each class will receive a detailed schedule for when their class will meet to perform. Stay tuned for the schedule!

  • Health and Safety: Every student will have their temperature taken upon arrival to the dance studio. If a fever, cough, or any other symptoms are observed, the student will not be permitted inside the studio. Students will be required to wash hands frequently on top of our studio, enforcing other cleaning measures during this time.

  • Day of Performance: On the day that your class is scheduled to meet, every student will have their temperature taken as well as observed for any other symptoms that may align with Covid-19. Parents will not be permitted inside the building to maintain physical distance measures. Makeup and hair will be done before coming into the studio to limit the staff’s physical interactions with the student; however, the student will be able to change into their costumes and prepare for the performance at the studio. Each class will spend 2-3 hours on this day at the studio, and at the end, parents will be notified for pick up.

  • Performance: Once every class has performed and had their dance professionally recorded, the dances filmed will be edited. A link or code will be sent to each family where they can watch all of the dances. 

  • Please note that any changes may be made in the future to ensure that all health and safety orders are being followed and complied with in accordance with Santa Clara County. 

Although our 2020 concert will be different, we will not miss a chance to showcase the hard work and talent of our amazing students and are already looking forward to both concerts in 2020 and 2021.

Annual Concert 2021

  • Commitment: The Annual Concert is a commitment. This includes a commitment to be in class weekly and at ALL scheduled performances/rehearsals, including non-dress rehearsals.

  • Rehearsals: There are MANDATORY rehearsals that students are required to attend. 

  • Absences: during May and June may result in you not being in the show.  Please be mindful when planning vacations at this time.  Take this into consideration before committing to the annual show.

  • Costume: Purchasing a costume indicates you are planning to participate in the annual show.

  • Tickets: Each family can purchase tickets to the show. Ticket sales begin online on TBD. Go to www.tututix.com to purchase tickets online.

  • Communication: All FDS correspondence regarding the show and costumes is sent via email.  Be sure to add info@fantasydance.us to your email address book. And be sure to have your current email address on file with the studio.

Anual Concert Thumbelina 2021.jpg


FDS's 2021 June Annual Concert

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

curtain up at 5:30 pm

at the

Cañada College Theater

District of Freedom,

4200 Farm Hill Blvd,

Redwood City, CA 94061

Stage Rehearsal on

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

FDS is excited to announce that our Thumbelina - the themed concert will take place in 2021. Although the current public health guidelines may not allow us to have the usual concert experience, we will not let that stop us from putting on an unforgettable show. Our team has decided to keep the theme of Thumbelina but for our 2021 concert. This decision came as specific students were chosen to play these characters and we want to see their magic, light, and talent brought to life on a full production stage with everyone in attendance.