Virtual FDS Day Camp “Discover-it-all”

August 3rd - 6th, 2020

MOVE, LEARN, and GROW with ​Fantasy Dance Studio ONLINE this summer!

Boys & Girls ages 6 - 15

We Bring FDS to You with Virtual Dance Camp “Discover-it-all”!

Whether you're located near or far, FDS invites all 6-15-year-old movers to join our Online Summer Dance Camp! 

Our One-week online dance camp is the perfect way for children to learn about dance,

hone current skills, and stay active at home.

  • Taking a Glance through Hip Hop Dance

    DESCRIPTION: Although “hip hop” is often used to describe a style of dance, hip hop was a whole culture that was introduced that included more than just dance. These workshops begin to enter the differences between hip hop (and its culture) and various styles that often get categorized as “hip hop” dance.

    INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Sarah M 

  • Resistance Band Fitness exercise

    DESCRIPTION: This high-intensity workout is the perfect combination of muscle-building, cardio, and stretching. The resistance bands allow for more significant muscle stimulus, all while preventing injuries and assisting the dancer with the exercises. Resistance bands will be provided by request. ​

    INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Angela K

  • Power Yoga

    DESCRIPTION: Energize your day with power yoga. This flow will move you through a fun, invigorating sequence that will open, strengthen, and lengthen your body.

    INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Anna H

  • The How-to Disney Art Workshop

    DESCRIPTION: In this three-session art workshop learn how to draw classic Disney characters such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Tigger. Each session requires paper, pencils, and curiosity about classic Disney. We will learn the history of each character as we draw, as well as get to know Walt Disney as a person and a creative genius.

    INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Irina L

  • Children’s Mental Health During COVID – How to Feel Your Best & What to Do When You’re Not

    DESCRIPTION: Many times, when “health” is mentioned, we often think about the physical body. This two-session class helps introduce something as equally important, mental health. Learn how to navigate and express emotions during this time, and ways to improve mental health during this uncertain time.  *Please note: the instructors are not medical professionals and therefore are not making medical claims with this class* 

    INSTRUCTORS: Ms. Sarah M , Ms. Anna H

  • Reaching for the Stars & Life Hacks with FDS

    DESCRIPTION: Philosopher Plato said that “astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another”. This class will allow you to do just that without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home (or planet). From supernovas, planets, and black holes, we will broaden our horizons of the worlds outside our own.


Keyboard and Mouse

Designed for movers of all levels, our camps give students the opportunity to try a wide variety of workshops: “Resistance Band Fitness exercise”, “Taking a Glance through Hip Hop Dance”, “Power Yoga”, “Children’s Mental Health During COVID – How to Feel Your Best (And What to Do When You’re Not)”, and more.

While nothing can replace living together as a community, our virtual dance camp allows our students to make new friends, learn cool moves, and grow from the comfort of home. Our goal is to bring you the most authentic FDS virtual experience with our most loyal staff, which will be broadcasting "live".

  • Structured, 4-days sessions (4 consecutive days, Mon-Thurs)

  • A balanced schedule including live instruction + self-paced practice & collaboration

  • The hottest curriculum - diverse workshops

  • 1 Day Sessions $40

  • All package for 4 days $145

  • Live workshops are scheduled from 10:00am – 12:00pm

  • Friend referral discount - refer new friends & you BOTH get 10% OFF



  • No refunds will be given after registration.

  • There are NO credits or refunds for missed classes. 

  • We DO NOT offer make up classes.

Or Call to reserve your spot: (650) 965-4135



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