Tuition and Fees


Registration fee is $50 per student/$80 per family, which covers the cost of insurance and processing fees for most programs. This fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT. All Registration is online, and a current CREDIT CARD MUST BE ON FILE. Swift and easy!


Note: A completed registration form, registration fee, and the first month’s tuition must be received before your child’s enrollment into any of our programs. 



10% Discount for additional Siblings/Parents.

To apply tuition discount for additional Sibling/Parent, the new student must have equal (or fewer classes) per week than the first student.


Late Fee

If tuition payments are not received by the 10th of the month, a $30 late fee will be added to your account balance.



All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. There are no tuition reductions for students that go out of town or become ill. If your child wishes to DROP a class, you must notify us via email at If no notification is given before the 1st of the month, then the tuition is charged for the entire month.



Tuition is based on a 10-month year (September-June). Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments for your convenience, regardless of the number of weeks in a month, missed lessons, school closings, or school vacations.

  • CURRENT CREDIT CARD MUST BE ON FILE. FDS strongly suggests automatic payments to avoid late fees. We accept most major credit cards for online autopay.

  • Yearly (September-June) tuition paid in full by September 30th will receive a 10% discount. Please take note - tuition payments are non-refundable.  

  • Tuition is based on a monthly rate and remains the same whether there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks in a month.

  • If you wish to pay a balance in advance, you may log on to your online account to do so at any time.


Make-up Policy

No refunds will be issued for missed classes for any reason. There are NO MAKE-UP classes for missed classes. It is imperative to your child’s success that this program is viewed as a serious commitment.


Trial Class Policy 

Are you trying to decide which class to register for? If you are still undecided, we invite you to participate in a trial class!  Try a class of your choice for a fee of $30.  If you decide to register for that class, your trial fee will be deducted from your tuition!

Please call (650) 965-4135 in advance to schedule your class, and to make sure the class is not at capacity.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class to get set up with a front desk staff member, no online registration is necessary.

  • All participants will pay on-site on the day of the class.

  • No trial classes are permitted for any class that has a waitlist.


Private Lessons

Private Classes need to be pre-arranged and pre-paid at the office in advance. If a dancer fails to come to a scheduled private lesson without calling to cancel, they will need to pay for the class.

  • 1person/30min=$50.00

  • 1person/45min=$65.00 

  • 1person/60min=$80.00 

  • 2people/45min=$100.00 

  • 2people/60min=$120.00

  • 3people/45min=$135.00

  • 3people/60min=$150.00 

  • 4people/45min=$160.00

  • 4people/60min=$180.00​

Art Classes Materials Fee

A yearly materials fee of $35 per student will be applied upon registration. Temporarily not applicable on Stage 2. 

New Reopening Safety Measures – FDS 2020

2020-2021 TUITION

Monthly Tuition Per Student who takes multiple classes: dance, art, and chess classes ... 

1 Class per week (45/55min) ... $98/month

2 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $179/month

3 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $252/month

4 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $312/month

5 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $360/month

6 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $408/month

7 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $448/month

8+ Classes per week (45/55min) ... $480/month

Drop-in class ...temporarily unavailable


Monthly Tuition Per Student for gym/TNT classes …

1 Class per week (45/55min) … $109/month

2 Classes per week (45/55min) ... $199/month

3 Classes per week (55min) ... $288/month

4 Classes per week (55min) ... $352/month

5 Classes per week (55min) ... $420/month

6 Classes per week (55min) ... $480/month

Drop-in class ... temporarily unavailable


One costume is needed for each discipline of dance your child takes. For example, if your child is enrolled in ballet and hip-hop class, he/she will need 2 costumes. In this case, two costumes would need to be purchased for our annual performance.

* New costumes cost between $75 - $95 per costume.

* Used costumes cost between $35 - $75 per costume. 

* All handmade costumes (folk dances costumes) are returnable and have a usage fee between $30 - $50 per costume. 

  • Costume Fee due March 10th, 2020.

  • Your child’s costume will not be ordered unless full payment has been received.

  • Once a costume has been ordered we are unable to give refunds.

  • Gymnastic classes do not perform in the recital and thus do nod need costumes. 


There is a performance fee for all students to participate in an annual concert which is charged yearly.  

$30 per student

$50 per family (2+ students)

  • Performance Fee due February 10th, 2020.

Note* Please notify the office by February 1st if a student wishes to opt-out from the annual concert. 


(Fantasy Dance Troupe)

Costume usage fee: 

$100 per student

$170 per family (2+ students)

This is an annual fee. 

  • Costume Usage Fee due March 10th, 2020.

Performance Fee: 

$50 per student

$80 per family (2+ students)

  • Performance Fee due February 10th, 2020.


Stay tuned for competition dates and fees...



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