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Ms. Sarah Dumanovsky

Gymnastics Instructor

Ms. Sarah is from Salem Oregon and grew up with a passion for art and gymnastics. She did gymnastics for about 12 years and competed through level eight.

After graduating high school, she pursued art at Oregon State University where she studied for her BFA. While at Oregon State, Ms Sarah joined the club gymnastics team and coached gymnastics at the KidSpirit youth program on campus for over a year before graduating in June of 2021. Through her degree, she was able to further develop skills in not only drawing and painting, but also in printmaking, photography, and sculpture. 

After graduating, she worked outside doing construction for her family’s roofing company for a year and a half before moving to California in January 2023 where she now continues one of her passions of coaching gymnastics.

She is very excited to be part of the FDS team and help kids grow in their confidence and gymnastics skills. 

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