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Ms. Hanna Golovko

Art Teacher

Ms. Hanna Golovko's journey with art started from art school in Vitebsk, Belarus when she was 10.

Art was everything to Ms. Hanna, and consequently, later, she decided to study art at Vitebsk State University in Belarus and College of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

Ms. Hanna is a practicing artist with experience designing and making stained glass vitrage windows, years and years of drawing and painting, and teaching art to small groups of children.

Ms. Hanna loves to help kids express themselves through art and teach them different art techniques and art media appropriate for their age. She firmly believes that helping kids develop their creativity through art is the essential mission of art classes.

Over the years, Ms. Hanna's favorite way to spend the day hasn't changed; she is still pencil drawing life, watercolor painting, photography, and teaching her son and daughter art.

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