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Ms. Elizabeth Fomenko

FDS ASP & Pre-K "Rising Stars" Teacher

Ms, Elizabeth is an Early Age Development specialist with more than ten years of experience. Born in Moscow, Russia, she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University in 2002.

During these years, Ms. Elizabeth spent many happy hours teaching children in Moscow, Scotland, and England, both in after-school programs and privately. She specializes in speech/motor skills development, reading preparation, and language comprehension for Pre- and Elementary School children. Ms. Elizabeth uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage children to run the extra mile to succeed. She is inspired daily by her daughter, who gives Ms. Elizabeth endless ideas for better learning and teaching. Ms. Elizabeth is familiar with the Elementary school curriculum and has an ability to explain topics to children clearly if any question or problem occurs.

She likes hiking, traveling, reading books, and listening to all kinds of music. Ms. Elizabeth also has a high interest in nutrition. Being a Mountain View resident now, Ms. Elizabeth would love to share her knowledge and positive vibes with local children as well!

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