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Ms. Anna Harea

Guest Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Anna Mirela Harea began dancing at the age of three. She was one of the first students at Fantasy Dance School and remained dedicated ever since.

With a diverse repertoire, Anna knows ballet, pointe, character, ballroom, jazz, and hip-hop. In June of 2011, she began her training as a teacher assistant, later on becoming an instructor and choreographer for Fantasy Dance School.

Anna is an amazing dancer with great passion. Her goal is to pass on her passion to her students, as well as improve their technique. She always attempts to make every class fun and motivational.

Kids love her strict attitude, along with her fun personality. In 2014, Anna relocated to NYC; however, 2,900 miles does not stop her from choreographing for FDS.

Anna could not be any more grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of Fantasy Dance School!

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