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Ms. Angela Kastrilevich

Director of Gymnastics & TNT Department, Instructor

Ms. Angela has been working at FDS teaching gymnastics since 2012. She has over 20 years of extensive experience teaching gymnastics; she is a licensed gymnastic instructor.

Ms. Angela’s love for the sport of gymnastics began in the early 2000s as a coach of a recreational program in Peninsula Gymnastics. Teaching gymnasts of all ages and abilities help Ms. Angela encourage children to stay active and have fun. She is an extremely enthusiastic and excellent motivator.

Ms. Angela has two daughters of her own who love the benefits and challenges that Fantasy Dance Studio offers them in dance and gymnastics. As the parent of a competing gymnast and dancer, Ms. Angela has the unique perspective of knowing the viewpoint and thoughts of a parent as well.

She is great at coaching little boys and girls at all levels. Her personality allows her to reach the full potential of the kids through a thorough understanding of gymnastics in combination with each child’s natural ability.

Ms. Angela makes it fun to learn and accomplish new skills; each child embraces the positive attitude and warm smile she brings each day.

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