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Ms. Angela Kastrilevich

Director of Gymnastics & TNT Department, Instructor

Since joining Fantasy Dance School as a gymnastics instructor in 2012, Ms. Angela has been a beacon of expertise and enthusiasm, shaping young gymnasts with over two decades of dedicated experience. Her journey into the gymnastics world began in the early 2000s at Peninsula Gymnastics, where she coached a diverse range of budding athletes in a recreational program.

With her extensive background and a license in gymnastics and acrobatics instruction, Ms. Angela embodies a unique blend of skill and passion. Her commitment to fostering an active and enjoyable environment, where every student feels valued and motivated, has made her a beloved figure among students of all ages and abilities. As an exceptional motivator, she instills technical proficiency and a genuine love for the sport.

Beyond her professional role, Ms. Angela's connection to FDS runs deep; her two daughters are actively involved in the studio's dance and gymnastics programs. This firsthand experience as a parent of young athletes provides her with invaluable insights and empathy, enriching her approach to coaching and making every potential student feel welcomed and understood.

Ms. Angela's versatility shines through in her ability to coach both boys and girls across various skill levels. Her coaching style is characterized by a deep understanding of gymnastics principles coupled with a keen appreciation for each child's unique talents and potential. Through her nurturing guidance, she empowers her students to reach their full capabilities and beyond.

What truly sets Ms. Angela apart is her spreadable positivity and warm manners. She approaches each class with a genuine smile and an unwavering dedication to making learning both fun and fulfilling. As a result, every child under her tutelage not only learns new skills but also gains confidence and self-belief, paving the way for a lifetime of success both on and off the gymnastics mat.

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