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Ms. Alla Harea-Kegulskiy

Owner, Artistic Director, Ballet Master, Choreographer

Introducing Ms. Alla Harea/Kegulskiy, a luminary figure in the realm of dance as the esteemed Founder and Artistic Director. Hailing from Chisinau, Moldova, she emerges from a lineage steeped in the noble art of teaching, proudly representing the fourth generation. Her journey through the corridors of academia culminated in the attainment of a master’s degree in Fine Arts (MFA) with a specialization in choreography, alongside the prestigious titles of Ballet Master and Ballet Teacher from The State Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of the Republic of Moldova in 1996. Noteworthy too is her earlier academic feat, graduating with honors in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary and preschool Pedagogy and Psychology.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for dance, Ms. Alla has adorned her path with 46 illustrious years of both performing and instructing. Her illustrious career boasts collaborations with eminent ensembles such as the “Joc” State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Moldova and The Moldova Opera & Music Theatre Company, as well as engagements with distinguished dance companies including “Khora Mare,” “Martishor,” and “Ciocirlia,” affording her invaluable encounters with some of the globe's most revered choreographers.

Further enriching her repertoire, Ms. Alla served as a lecturer for Ballet and Teaching Techniques at the esteemed “Ion Creanga” Pedagogical State University for six years. Subsequently, she assumed the role of Artistic Director at Vadul Lui Voda’s Assembly of Music and Dance, Republic of Moldova, for a triumphant three-year tenure. Her international odyssey as a dancer has seen her grace stages in approximately 30 countries.

Upon relocating to the USA, Ms. Alla shared her expertise as a Ballet instructor at Peninsula Gymnastics in San Mateo, California, demonstrating a multifaceted skill set that extends beyond dance into stage management, costuming, technical theatre, and graphic design.

In 2002, Ms. Alla planted the seeds of Fantasy Dance Studio, which has since burgeoned from humble beginnings with four students into a thriving community of over two hundred families, poised for further expansion. Witnessing the metamorphosis of countless students into consummate professionals—be it as teachers, dancers, or choreographers—has been a source of profound pride for Ms. Alla.

The year 2019 marked a pivotal milestone as Fantasy Dance Studio blossomed into Fantasy Dance School, a comprehensive educational hub offering a diverse array of specialties and programs under one roof. Presenting over 250 weekly classes spanning Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tumbling, Gymnastics, TNT, Judo, Art, Preschool Classes, pre-K morning Classes, an After-school Program, and more, Fantasy Dance School stands as a beacon of holistic enrichment.

Yet, amidst the grandeur of her achievements, Ms. Alla reserves her deepest admiration for the collective spirit fostered at Fantasy Dance School—a sanctuary of warmth, camaraderie, encouragement, and collaboration, nurtured by the unwavering dedication of its staff, the unwavering support of parents, and the boundless enthusiasm of its dancers.friendship, support, and teamwork.

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