Art Classes

Our art classes offer students the opportunity to delve into the visual as well as performing arts. Students explore different styles and mediums with bountiful chances to be as creative as possible. Imagination is childhood's greatest gift, and here it is never stifled but fostered and aided by the introduction of proper technique at appropriate age levels.​

Other Programs

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year!

After-School Program

When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable after-school care can be difficult. Fantasy Dance Studio got you covered! 

At our after-school program, your children have the opportunity for versatility as well as for learning and growing in all aspects of mental, physical, and educational development. Having a multitude of lessons in one location is convenient for our parents and our students. This allows travel time to be minimized and creates a family-like environment for children to socialize, and grow with one another.



The enrichment program is designed to create an atmosphere which will ensure each child's continued success and interest in learning. In planning the educational environment, we have taken into account the various ages of the children attending, the level of each child's development, and the ways in which children learn. We support children in becoming the kindest, most capable, and most resilient version of themselves. That means giving each child the space, encouragement, and materials they need to follow their passions—whether they want to start a dancing career, gymnastics club, or draw a comic book. No matter where their talents take them, we create positive communities of friends with games, projects, and creative arts, to keep kids happy, bright, and healthy.


Our after-care programs go well beyond homework help. Homework is important aspect for our program. FDS After School Program will provide a minimum of 1 hour of homework time daily. Staff will provide a quiet environment and assist students to ensure that they complete their homework.


FDS provides transportation for kids from their school right to our doors. In other words, you can have peace of mind that your most important person in the world stays safe, door to door.

Sign Out Procedure

FDS After School Program hours are based on the school's hours of instructions, Monday through Friday. The program would run until 6:00pm daily. Authorized adults must sign children out according to the classroom clock, regardless of contracted times. Full legal signatures are required when signing children out of the program.

Late Pick-up

The FDS After School Program closes at 6:00 p.m. If a parent finds that he/she will be late, he/she is required to make arrangements for an authorized adult to pick up the child and to notify the FDS After School Supervisor regarding the change of time and person. Five (5) late pick-ups in a fiscal year may result in After School Program services being discontinued.

When a child has not been picked up and no parent contact has been received, the following steps may be taken:

• The staff will try to contact the parent.

• The staff will contact persons on the emergency card and ask them to pick up the child immediately.


Good nutrition is essential to maintaining quality health and supporting the learning capabilities of children. Our nutrition policies and practices support serving snacks of high nutritional quality.

• After School Program provides a nutritional snack daily. Menu and snack time will be posted.

• Please discuss any food allergies your child may have with your FDS After School Supervisor.


The FDS After-School Program is operated by experienced teachers and class instructors. Adult/child ratios meet state guidelines.


12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

5 days … $630

4 days … $600

3 days … $540

2 days … $420

1 day … $210

Sibling Discount: 10% (Applies to one sibling only)

Tuition includes:

  • Materials

  • Extracurricular courses are taught by professional teachers trained in their field

  • Snacks

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

5 days … $500

4 days … $480

3 days … $384

2 days … $280

1 day … $140

Sibling Discount: 10% (Applies to one sibling only)

Tuition includes:

  • Materials

  • Extracurricular courses are taught by professional teachers trained in their field

  • Snacks



Enrollment Fee: $70 per student/$110 per family, which covers the cost of insurance and processing. This fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT.

Deposit: $175 (applicable toward last month of enrollment, NOT an extra fee)


5 days … $150

4 days … $145

3 days … $130

2 days … $115

1 day … $65

ASP Forms

Stay Tuned for the Registration Forms!

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