Jason Bennetch

Chess Instructor

Mr. Jason first learned to play chess in the summer between his 5th and 6th-grade years. The game resonated with him somehow very early on. He won the third game against his elder tutor (a very large 14-year-old) and then scoured his small community for chess players that might help him uncover the depths of this most regal and venerable of games.

Mr. Jason has played chess whenever possible with friends, family, and random strangers throughout his life but was given the opportunity to start teaching what he loved eight school years ago! 


Mr. Jason enjoyed the experience and feels very lucky to share his favorite game with curious minds. Chess will challenge you in many ways.


As the great Benjamin Franklin is quoted:

“Chess teaches foresight, by having to plan ahead; vigilance, by having to keep watch over the whole chessboard; caution, by having to restrain ourselves from making hasty moves; and finally, we learn from chess the greatest maxim in life - that even when everything seems to be going badly for us we should not lose heart, but always hoping for a change for the better, steadfastly continue searching for the solutions to our problems.”

Outside of teaching chess, Mr. Jason loves to snowboard as much as he can. He believes that mountain biking is almost as awesome when he can't fly down the side of the snow-covered mountains.


Currently, Mr. Jason is developing a curriculum for a virtual class on space exploration and the science of how we know what we think we know about space.



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