Please note the following guidelines regarding all classes:


Dance class is education and fun; however, an important part of class work is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We trust that following our classroom etiquette will provide an environment whereby classes at Fantasy Dance Studio will be a pleasure for all concerned. 

  • We request that students carefully observe our dress code outlined.

  • Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class. For your safety and to receive full benefit from your class, please arrange for a make-up class if you expect to be very late.

  • All students are encouraged not to leave the room once the class has begun. Please allow for appropriate restroom use before class. Very young children will be treated sensitively as the need arises. Preschool children may need a parent’s attention from time to time for various reasons, including bathroom or behavior issues. Please do not leave the waiting room when very young children are in class without informing the office or having another parent responsible during your absence. 

Class Size 

The average class size (6 years old and up) has 10-16 students, and (3-5 years old) has 8-12 students. We must have a minimum of 8 registered students in order to hold a class!


Class Levels: If your student has dance experience, but you are unsure of his/her level, please give us a call to schedule a tryout class. If a teacher determines that a student is at an incorrect level at the start of the session, the dancer may be transferred to the appropriate class at that time. No transfers will take place three months before the performance.

Arrival Time

We request that you arrive at the studio with adequate time to prepare for class, parking, changing, restroom, etc. Parents please notify the office if you are going to be late for class or picking up your student. 

Attendance Policy

Our 2019-2020 program, classes run from September-January for the Fall session and January-June for the Spring session. To best support your child's training, CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED.

If your child has a planned absence, written documentation must be emailed to prior to the event.

For their safety, your child will not be able to participate in class if they arrive more than 15 minutes late. They must observe the class and take notes. This will be strictly enforced.

Make-up Policy

No refunds will be issued for missed classes for any reason. There are NO MAKE-UP classes for missed classes. It is imperative to your child’s success that this program is viewed as a serious commitment.

Private Conference

If you have questions or comments, please call us at any time at (650) 965-4135.

If any parent/student wishes a private conference to discuss student's progress please do not hesitate to ask. 

We are happy to work with you to ensure that your school year will be one of pleasure and growth.


Our Door Is Always Open... 

We are genuinely delighted to receive your feedback and will take the time to answer your personal questions. YOU are the reason that we are here!

Rehearsal Policy

It is your responsibility to be aware of all rehearsals your dancer needs to be. The studio sends out multiple emails regarding scheduling for rehearsals. Your student will be expected to be present at all rehearsals their classes are called for. If you miss 2 or more rehearsals, you risk being taken out of the performance. This decision will be according to Artistic Director/ Teacher discretion. If you know you will be absent for one or more rehearsals, please coordinate with the office as soon as possible.

Media Waiver

All students are subject to be photographed or videoed for studio purposes only. No photographs or videos will ever be used or sold for any other purpose other than studio use or marketing tools. Photos may also appear on the website if approved by the studio owner.