Gabrielle Tompkins

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Gyabi Tompkins began her dance career at the age of 4 with ballet in San Francisco, California. She eventually moved to San Mateo and started taking jazz, tap, and hip-hop dance classes through Kirkpatrick's Dance Studio and the City of San Mateo's Jazz-Ma-Tazz, Dance Crew, and Dance Program. She was a part of Aragon High School's Dance Team and started up the Asian Pop Club where she was the choreographer for their dance group. After graduating from high school, she took her general education courses at Foothill College in Los Altos, where she joined the Foothill competitive Dance/Pom Squad in her first year and the Foothill Dance Company for the following two years. While a part of the Foothill Dance Company, she became one of the resident choreographers and taught several jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary pieces. 

She also created a small community dance troupe, Spectrum, where she choreographs and performs different styles of dance, including K-pop, J-pop, and C-pop, with her friends around California and Nevada. 

She is currently enrolled at the University of San Francisco with a major in International Business and a minor in Dance.

She hopes with the completion of her degree and current activities in the dance community that she can bring dance to those that didn't know they had the rhythm and beat in their feet, or as she says, "Anyone can dance... as long as their anthem is playing."