Comprising all professionals, our faculty is fully committed to your development and training. You are sure to find a favorite teacher in this diverse group! Our teachers work professionally in various aspects of their field and bring their expertise and knowledge into the classroom.

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Meet Our Faculty

Ms. Alla Harea/Kegulskiy


Ballet Master, Choreographer

Ms. Dorit Gousinov

Director of Operations

Ms. Angela Kastrilevich

Director of Gymnastics Department & Instructor

Ms. Binat Gousinov

Dance Teacher

Office and Marketing Assistant

Ms. Alexandra Prostota

Dance Teacher, Teacher Assistant 

Ms. Anna Harea

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Irina Lib

Art Teacher

Ms. Sorina Prisacaru

Art Teacher

Ms. Sarah Monreal

Director of FDS Programs

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Mr. L. Travis Love, LCCA

Director of Competition Team

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms.  Natalya Chernykh

Dance and Gymnastics Instructor

Ms. Jenny Jacobs

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Gabrielle Tompkins

Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Ms. Emily Maiden

Gymnastics Instructor

Post Concert March 2018
Backstage Crew