Chess Classes

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Chess is a classic game that develops spatial thinking and strategies and builds focused concentration. Taught by a certified chess instructor, the class is geared for all levels of chess players. Beginners learn basic game rules and opening tactic moves. Intermediate and advanced players learn sophisticated combinations and strategies and advanced opening moves.

The chess classes are taught online by our chess instructor Mr. Jason Bennetch.

It will be created an account on for all the students that will be linked to the fantasy dance chess club. They will be using several different platforms to learn tactics, opening techniques, and to learn about important games.

During class sessions, we will review students' games, work on tactics, talk about grandmaster games, and of course play games with each other. The students also will be able to challenge any of around 500 other 


Chess Classes remain on Stage 1. 

New Reopening Safety Measures – FDS 2020

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